HiTrails is a rebranding and redesign of the app, Hiking Project. The goal of this redesign was to make it more inspiring for users and simpler for users to record a trail.

Defining the Problem

In the app, Hiking Project, users can find hikes near them, record their own trails, and upload prerecorded trails for other users to see. Hiking Project is meant to be an app where users can form communities and share their hiking experiences with each other, while motivating users to reach thier hiking goals. However, the current design and flow of the app doesn't reflect that.

Hiking Project's current design is cold, repetitive and frustrating. After some research, I found that the problem with the app was that there is no home page, there's no way to interact with your trail while you're recording it, and there are way too many overwhelming questions at the end of your recorded hike.
See Miro Board for full research.


The solutions to these problems are to design the app to be more welcoming and interactive, and add an option to skip the details that some users might not care about.

To make Hiking Project more user friendly, I rebranded the whole app. I incorporated bright inspiring colors, and interesting icons. I changed the old corporate font to Comfortaa. I also created illustrations for some of the backgrounds.

Some of the biggest UX solutions were added to the homepage, map, and saved hikes page. The purpose of the homepage is to consolidate information and give users an idea of what they can expect on the app. For the map page, I added more ways to interact with trails. This would allow users to share more information about their hikes. The Saved page now gives users the chance to add information and ratings about their trail at any time.